Main Stage Presenters

Stress Less - Habits to Look and Feel Your Very Best

Friday 6:00pm

Presenter - Tracie Hittman Fountain

Research shows that the greatest effect on your health comes from your attitudes, beliefs, and your daily thought patterns. How you view stress can make all the difference in how your body responds to it. You can eat the healthiest diet on the planet and still not feel well, if your mind and lifestyle is chaotic. Join, Tracie Fountain, MS, nutritional consultant and life coach ( as she teaches you how slowing down and making some simple changes in your lifestyle and thought life, can create health in your body.

Get ready to learn how changing your mind about stress could actually save your life!

E.S.P. is the New Skinny (Endurance, Strength & Power)

Saturday 12:00pm

Presenter - Faith Dey

How to achieve the fittest version of yourself by learning how to:

  • Maximize your workout results, while working within your own fitness level (Beginner to Elite)
  • Increase your metabolism and calorie burn, even at rest
  • Reach your fitness goals faster & more efficiently, at any age

Love Your Body, Rock Your Style

Saturday 10:00am

Presenter - Krystle Marks

By embracing your own, unique qualities, you instantly give your dreams the freedom to flourish! Open the door to self-acceptance at the Well Expo as Personal Stylist Krystle Marks invites you to discover and celebrate your best assets by making the most of your wardrobe. Sharing tips for highlighting your best features and offering ideas for styling your uniquely perfect body, Krystle will empower you to live life with confidence and a renewed honor for your dreams.

Here is what you will discover at this styling event:

  • Embracing your own, unique qualities
  • Celebrating your best assets
  • Styling tools for easily dressing your body
  • Highlighting your best features
  • Living life with confidence

Your Fuel - Boost Your Energy and Revitalize Your Body

Saturday 11:00am

Presenter - Tracie Hittman Fountain

Your energy directly correlates to the choices you make both dietary and in your thought life. Inflammation in your body and mind can have a huge impact on your health.

Join Tracie Fountain, MS nutritional consultant and Life Coach and learn:

  • The connection between your thoughts and your health
  • What one food you should add and the one food to subtract to decrease inflammation in your body
  • Simple lifestyle changes to help boost your energy

The 5 simple steps Tracie will share, will help you make the changes to look and feel your very best!

"It's Just My Teeth"- Learn the Risks of Not Making Your Mouth a Priority plus Top Holisitic Dental Tips to Improve your Dental Wellness by Dr. Kaveh Ghaboussi and Kim Varian, RDH.

Saturday 1:00pm

Presented by Madison Smile Solutions

We will be educating guests on what happens when you wait on making your mouth a priority. From gum disease, broken fillings, cracked teeth, bad breath, snoring and more - find out why it's important to know in your options and new alternatives on treatment.


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